Tezos Foundation Launches NFT Fund to support African and Asian Artists

By: Mark Felix

 Tezos Foundation Launches NFT Fund to support African and Asian Artists

May 16, 2022 12:08 PM

The Tezos Foundation lately said it has committed $1.23 million to a fund that will be used to collect non-fungible commemoratives (NFTs) created by African and Asian artists. Shooter Misan Harriman has been named as the watchman of the foundation’s endless art collection. 


 Giving Support to a New Generation of Artist

The Swissnon-profit association, Tezos Foundation, lately said it has committed about$1.23 million (£ 1 million) to a fund, which will be used to collectnon-fungible commemoratives (NFTs) of forthcoming artists from Africa and Asia. The artists’works will be curated by Misan Harriman, a famed shooter and one of the settlers in the timber and collection of NFTs. 

As per The Art review report, Harriman — the president of London’s complex of cultural venues, Southbank Center — will also concentrate on acquiring the workshop of artists from regions with lower representation in the NFT community. 
Opining on his part as the watchman of Tezos Foundation’s so- called endless art collection, Harriman said 
As the first watchman of this collection, I want to make sure the world sees the different voices that are making truly extraordinary work (s) with art. The Tezos Foundation Permanent Collection will support and celebrate a new generation of artists that have chosen a smart contract- enabled path to be their true characters. 

 Breaking Walls in the Art World 

While critics of NFTs have raised enterprises over the volatility of cryptocurrencies, proponents of the underpinning blockchain technology contend NFTs will break down long- standing walls in the art world. According to Tezos Foundation, itself an arm of the Tezos Blockchain, whilst hurdles still remain they can not stop the growing use of NFTs. 

Meanwhile, in a lately released statement, Arthur Breitman, a co-founder and early mastermind of Tezos, spoke of how the collection raises mindfulness for Web3 artists. He added “ This design, in collaboration with Misan Harriman’s gift and moxie, allows us to produce a bespoke destination with the sole purpose of elevating digital artists who turn to Tezos for a sustainable way of participating their work with the world.”