A beginner guide on how to store ETH on various Ethereum wallet

By: Obinna Tony

A beginner guide on how to store ETH on various Ethereum wallet

August 3, 2022 10:10 PM

Ethereum wallet represents software or hardware which lets users interact with the Ethereum blockchain. The wallet is an avenue where users manage accounts through the Ethereum network. An Ethereum account is a type of account that can send transactions and keep track of its balance, with many Ethereum addresses as it wants to send, including receiving funds, creating smart contracts, as well as interacting with decentralized applications and a whole lot of others.


Ethereum wallets are controlled through a private key or using a password. This lets users move funds around the wallet. The private keys are to be private and known by only the wallet creators. This is because if it becomes public to just anyone, they will have access to the available funds. There are arrays of Ethereum wallets that one can choose from and this includes ones that are held on your desktop or mobile device and there are some that are held offline through a piece of paper, titanium, or hardware.


Here are steps to store your Ethereum


    • You know the types of Ethereum Wallet: there are various Ethereum wallets, so to begin, you have to equip yourself with the types of Ethereum wallets available in the market. They come in different sizes, features, and various shapes. You can choose either a hot or cold wallet. The hot wallet lets you keep your keys on the internet, able to access funds without hassles, and take on other operations. But cold wallets use hardware storage when they are storing your key offline. Cold wallet is more reliable and safer. Also, you have to decide which type of Ethereum software client to use. There are different types to choose from, ranging from web wallets, and desktop wallets to mobile wallets.


    • Create your Ethereum Wallet: there are various processes for creating this and it’s depending on your type of wallet. To create a MetaMask ETH wallet, this is how you can do it


    • Fund the Ethereum Wallet: when you have chosen the wallet you want and are done with its setup, next is funding the wallet. You can buy Ether on centralized exchanges, then withdraw it to your wallet. Every transaction on the Ethereum network involves a transaction fee. The transaction fee is used to pay network validators who are responsible for maintaining the integrity of Ethereum.


    • Be sure that the wallet is safe: you can’t complete the whole storage and be stuck on whether your wallet is safe. You will lose out on your fund. Ensure its safety by confirming if you have the right addresses, bookmarking your web wallet, and noting down private keys.


You must be aware of basic information about Ethereum wallets before you embark on storing your ETH. There are different types of wallets you can choose from and when you complete it, you can store your Ethereum from the market. Once you have selected a wallet, set it up and fund it. That, you are good to go but after making sure it’s safe from hackers. With these processes, you can store ETH successfully.