Biden: US Economy Is 'Strong as Hell' claims draws criticism

By: Mark Jessy

Biden: US Economy Is 'Strong as Hell' claims draws criticism

October 19, 2022 5:27 AM

President Joe Biden has come under fire for declaring that the American economy is "strong as hell" despite 40-year-high inflation rates. The White House, meanwhile, insists that Biden "has done the work" to address inflation because he is aware of the problem and knows how to solve it.


U.S. President Joe Biden's claim over the weekend that the economy is "strong as hell" drew criticism on social media on Monday.


On Saturday, while having ice cream at a Baskin-Robbins in Portland, Oregon, President Biden answered a reporter's inquiry about his concerns about the strength of the U.S. dollar in light of rising inflation by saying, "I don't."


"The stability of the dollar is of no significance to me. I worry about what's happening in the rest of the world. The state of our economy is superb."


A worldwide inflationary trend has been observed. He went on to say that things there were "far worse" than in the US. The problem, then, is not so much with our own country as it is with others that lack both economic growth and effective policy.


On Twitter, several people voiced their disagreement with Biden and reminded the president that many Americans are in need. In response, some individuals tweeted, "reality says differently," noting that the S&P 500 has dropped by more than 25% this year.


Texan Republican Representative Lance Gooden tweeted, "65% of Americans feel the economy is going worse." Republican National Committee chair Ronna McDaniel cited a recent CNN poll in which 78% of respondents described the current economic situation as "bad." Wesley Hunt, a Texan running for the House of Representatives, tweeted a list of things that had increased in price, including gas, food, airline tickets, eggs, and gasoline.



Ex-Chrysler CEO Bob Nardelli said of Vice President Joe Biden's claim that the U.S. economy is "strong as hell": "It's totally not valid, it's not correct, it's a misstatement..." as well as encouraging apathy within our population. The world is cruel to us... We need to stop romanticizing the world and start viewing it as it really is.


Statements from the White House As for the inflation problem, Biden "has done the work" to solve it


In a news briefing held on Monday, White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre allegedly said that President Biden has "done the work" to fix the inflation issue. She answered a reporter's inquiry by saying:


"The president has been quite clear that reducing inflation and lowering the cost of living is his top economic objective because he knows it is a concern for the American people. Moreover, he has completed the task."


Biden's assertion in September that inflation had been low for a while drew criticism. The assertion that the U.S. economy had zero percent inflation earned him some criticism back in August. The Biden administration was charged with propaganda and redefined the formal definition of a recession back in June.