Bitcoin rally hits top gear, surpassing $24k: experts expects with retail investors a new all time high is on the horizon

By: Mark jessy

December 20, 2020 7:13 AM

Bitcoin price shows no signs of stopping as it breaks through the $24,000 mark.


The most traded cryptocurrency is at an all time high just again, surpassing the $24k up to $24,085.86 before falling back to $23,978.86. BTC alarmingly went passed the $21k mark three days ago, with daily trading volumes regularly on the high side indicating large buys and high level of resistance.



With large numbers of institutional investors locking in position on the topmost cryptocurrency, traders warns that a price correction might be imminent with on chart analysis highlighting support levels at $18,000.


However, positive media reactions shows no sign of BTC slowing down the surge upwards as BTC hodlers prepares for Christmas in green with the only news around institutional investors, we await retail investors to flow in and we could see Bitcoin break its new ATH.