Community members say Ether staking is difficult

By: Henry Felix

Community members say Ether staking is difficult

October 4, 2022 8:01 AM

Some people think it's important to acknowledge that staking Ether isn't right for everyone just yet.


Now that the Ethereum network uses proof-of-stake (PoS), staking Ether (ETH) is crucial to the process of validating blocks and maintaining the integrity of the network. Yet some in the group feel the staking procedure is too complicated for the average person.


The challenges of ETH staking were brought up in the Ethereum subreddit. The user claims that setting everything up took an entire weekend. The user speculated that those with "unforgiving" schedules might not be able to participate. It said in the text that


 "the Ethereum community likes to sugarcoat usability, but it's healthier to just admit: this is not for everyone yet."


Another forum participant replied to the thread with their own story of staking Ethereum and a look back at Ethereum's infancy. The user remarked that interacting with blockchains back then was similarly challenging, before more user-friendly options emerged. A member of the community pointed out that "more effort than we can expect the average person to put in" is required to set up a node.


The issue of bandwidth consumption was raised in addition to the difficulties experienced during setup. One user warned that the service could be disconnected from the internet if it continued to use so much bandwidth. A second user raised the possibility that exceeding one's data cap would completely negate any profits made from betting.


However, another member of the community argued that staking is not meant to be something that anyone can do easily. It's frustrating that people continue to view staking as a source of free money when that's not the case. They said things like, "You are being paid to do a job, and this takes a certain amount of knowledge and effort.


There have been some positive developments post-Merge, despite the fact that there may be some difficulties with staking. The number of blocks generated daily increased by 18%, from 6,000 on September 14 to 7,100 on September 15, the day of the Merge. On the plus side, validators are taking 13% less time on average to verify a transaction.