Elon Musk Announces SpaceX will start accepting DOGE payments for merch

By: Michael Wilson

Elon Musk Announces SpaceX will start accepting DOGE payments for merch

May 30, 2022 3:21 AM

Elon Musk has Announced his plans for SpaceX to start accepting Dogecoin. sharing the news on his twitter on 27th May, stating that SpaceX could follow Tesla and start accepting DOGE as payment for its merch.


The CEO of SpaceX and Tesla, has been known to be a good supporter of the largest memecoin (DOGE) ecosystem and has since expressed his interest in accepting DOGE as payment in across his multi-billion dollar business conglomerate.



Tesla, the electric vehicle manufacturer has only started accepting Dogecoin (DOGE) for merchandise purchases in less than five months ago. although, one question asked by the DOGE community is if the SpaceX announcement will have similar positive effect on the Price of Dogecoin as that of Tesla's.


Records proves Musk’s pro-DOGE tweets have had an instant and positive impact on DOGE’s market prices, as investors goes on a buying spree in a bid to cash in on the hype stirred by his Tweet. Meanwhile, the recent Tweet about SpaceX’s plan to start accepting DOGE payments for merchandise had no significant effect on the price amid a bearish crypto market.


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In December 2021, DOGE rallied 25% after the Tesla CEO confirmed on his Twitter that Tesla will accept DOGE for merchandise. Along with similar timelines, the billionaire revealed his belief about DOGE being a better everyday payment option as compared to Bitcoin (BTC).


A future possibility for Starlink to start accepting 'DOGE'

If things work out just as planned, DOGE might eventually make his way to Starlink as a payment option after SpaceX. Musk hints on Twitter.


Musk Tweet


when asked by a random Twitter user if DOGE can be used as payment for Starlink subscription, the worlds richest man replied with "maybe on day."