Elon Musk not Worried by the SEC Investigation into his Dogecoin Tweets

By: Henry Felix

Elon Musk not Worried by the SEC Investigation into his Dogecoin Tweets

February 27, 2021 12:23 AM

An apparent investigation by the U.S Securities and Exchange Commission into some of SpaceX and Tesla founder Elon Musk, social media activity and tweets that have impacted Dogecoin's price moves.


The rumor has been circulating of a possible investigation into Musk Tweets. Although, The Tesla CEO and meme lover seems unmoved as he shared in the latest tweet in response to the rumors.


Musk Tweeted:

I hope they do! It would be awesome


Musk's love for dogs and memes as claimed has seen him continually post about meme coin Dogecoin (DOGE), his market-moving tweets which have alerted the SEC as it is rumored. However, the CEO appears not all too worried about a possible fallout with the U.S Security and Exchange Commission.


The Tesla CEO has said despite his love for meme cryptocurrency (DOGE), he is a supporter of Bitcoin (BTC) and has proved his love for the flagship crypto as he added Bitcoin to Tesla's balance sheet by investing $1.5 billion. A move largely welcomed by the global crypto community.


The recent $1.5 billion investment into bitcoin once again proves Musk's market influence on DOGE and BTC as Bitcoin, in particular, jumped to a new all-time high. 


As previously reported by Coinnewsafrica, legal advisors opined that the CEO social activity could come under scrutiny from SEC. Although, the Tesla founder has been in a previous battle with the SEC in 2018 which resulted in him being removed as chairman from the Tesla board.


Apparently the Tesla CEO is not willing to drop his shilling of Dogecoin and Bitcoin just yet and could be prepared to go the distance with the U.S SEC.