Elon Musk says his new Starbase project would be powered by 'the DOGE'

By: Dickson Arinze

Elon Musk says his new Starbase project would be powered by 'the DOGE'

March 12, 2021 3:41 AM

Tesla and SpaceX founder is working on a new project that would take over the city of Boca Chica, where his Starship rocket is being built.


Elon Musk announced via his Twitter that he is building a new city located in Texas which would be called Starbase just close to the SpaceX rocket launch site.


The billionaire who is currently ranked as the second richest man on earth just behind Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, Musk has been known to be a Bitcoin (BTC) supporter and lover of meme-driven Token 'DOGE'. 


The SpaceX founder made a tweet saying:
"Creating the city of Starbase, Texas."

He added by hinting that his project is set to colonize the red planet, and Starbase would be the beginning.
"From there to Mars and then the stars."


The Tesla CEO announced that his new city will occupy an area "much larger" than Boca Chica, the launch site for SpaceX with the company currently building Starship rocket there.


According to the billionaire, his new city would be friendly to dogs. Although a known lover of dogs as he has consistently revealed, Musk hinted that his city would be directed by "the DOGE."

when asked in a tweet if it is dog friendly, Musk replied saying:

However, it is unclear whether he was referring to DOGE cryptocurrency or Doges which happened to be the past rulers of Venice and Genoa. If it's the latter it would be more interesting to the crypto community.


In late 2020, Musk declared his intentions of moving away from California to Texas, he even went on to prove he is serious after he auctioned his properties in California to further push his project to colonize Mars.


The 49-year-old Tesla CEO is determined to make Texas his main base of operations close to the SpaceX launch site. Although aside from Boca Chica which is the current SpaceX launch site, the company still has a rocket test facility in McGregor town with plans to build a manufacturing plant in Austin.


Eddie Treviño, a Cameron County Judge, Texas, said the billionaire and SpaceX would have to comply with the state laws of incorporation after confirming that the company has informed the authorities of Elon Musk's intention as he plans to integrate Boca Chica into Starbase city.