Elon Musk to launch TruthGPT, a truth-seeking AI platform

By: Mark Jessy

Elon Musk to launch TruthGPT, a truth-seeking AI platform

April 18, 2023 5:16 AM

On April 17, the tech billionaire made the revelation during a Fox interview.

According to a Fox News article→ from April 17, Elon Musk informed Fox anchor Tucker Carlson that he's working on a ChatGPT competitor called "TruthGPT," a large language model (LLM) that Musk claims will be taught to probe the secrets of the cosmos.

"I'm going to create something called TruthGPT, which stands for maximum truth-seeking AI that attempts to grasp the nature of the cosmos."

According to Musk, this truth-seeking AI will also combat what he regards as "left-wing" bias in the sector. According to Musk, ChatGPT "is programmed by left-wing professionals, who train the chatbots to lie." According to Carlson, "the larger danger is not merely that it will become autonomous and convert us all into slaves, but that it will dominate our view of reality and do so in a fundamentally dishonest way," adding that "it may be programmed to lie to us for political effect."

Musk also sought to address worries about his entry into the crowded LLM market, which he hinted with the purchase of a rumored 10,000 GPUs, just weeks after joining a petition calling for a halt in related research to assess safety issues:

"I believe this is the safest approach since an AI that is interested in studying the cosmos is unlikely to annihilate humans because we are an intriguing aspect of the universe."

When it comes to blockchain applications, artificial intelligence has also proven its worth. reports on a series of token trades done by ChatGPT-4 since March 17. When asked how to spend $100 on certain currencies or tokens, ChatGPT-4 suggested spending $50 on Bitcoin (BTC), $25 on Ether (ETH), $15 on Cosmos' (ATOM), and $10 on nonfungible tokens and other Web3 projects. The chatbot claims that:

"The general trend indicates that Bitcoin serves as a safe haven during periods of financial instability, such as the recent bankruptcies of Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank." Meanwhile, Bitcoin's dominance is approaching 50%, and some analysts forecast a surge towards $100,000."