Exchange Meets Telegram: First cryptocurrency exchanger in Telegram messaging document

By: Bharggavi Ssayee

Exchange Meets Telegram: First cryptocurrency exchanger in Telegram messaging document

May 14, 2021 7:31 AM

Cryptocurrencies are currently experiencing an unprecedented boom. The big players in the market are making huge profits for the users. The LUB token is the newest and one of the most popular cryptocurrencies in circulation. This is what makes it so special: For the first time, investors and users can buy LUB tokens through an exchanger on the Telegram messaging service. The creators of the LUB token promise daily profits of between 1-10%.


The LUB is an ERC-20 token

The LUB, which can be purchased through a Telegram bot, is an ERC-20 token. This standard indicates that the LUB was created as a token on the Ethereum blockchain.


For transactions and payment instructions with the LUB token, users can use the world's first Telegram cryptocurrency robot exchanger.


What is Telegram and what are bots for?

Like the more well-known WhatsApp, users can send messages or form groups on Telegram. If you implement a robot in the program, you are using a third party application that is not from Telegram. WordPress users are already familiar with this functionality of plugins.


A bot on Telegram is, so to speak, an automatic account. It responds to requests without human intervention. In the case of the LUB token, it may be an instruction to make a deposit or a withdrawal.


LUB starting price and growth

Anyone wishing to purchase a LUB token should inquire about the purchase price daily.


The makers of this cryptocurrency claim that the price of the LUB is determined by demand. They expect its price to increase an average of 1-10% per day. You don't have to be a seasoned mathematician to understand that the earlier you invest, the greater the value of your e-wallet could be at the end of the day.


“The growth of the LUB cryptocurrency will be supported by us, the administrators and the investors, until the LUB is listed on the major and reputable markets such as Binance, Huoby, Bitfinex as well as Coinbase,” explains a door -speak of LUB.


The creators of the LUB are planning two big price increases in the near future. The first jump should be triggered by the listing of the cryptocurrency on the exchanger itself. The reason: many users will come, buy the currency and exchange it. If a LUB token transaction fee has to be paid, LUB community users will get a 50% partner discount.


After the wave of LUB purchases spawned by the Telegram bot, the creators of the currency are preparing the second wave of transactions, where P2P deposits via Binance will be possible in the exchanger (this feature is already available directly in the bot). “The first LUB owners will always be the winners,” the spokesperson explains.


Over a million LUBs on sale

In order to ensure that current and future demand for LUB is reasonably met, there are currently over 2,000,000 units of LUB on the market. This number will increase after the second wave of purchases. This will happen when the LUB is introduced on cryptocurrency exchanges, and immediately afterwards.


To exchange this currency, the use of Telegram technology is required. The confidence placed in him increases every day. Already today, more than 500 million people around the world use Telegram. Among them, more than 155,000 active users are already trading the LUB cryptocurrency.


Expected growth

The creators of the LUB token expect prices to rise rapidly. “We analyze cryptocurrency exchanges, we study new entrants and those that are already established, and we forecast price increases. From the consensus thus created, we can announce that on Binance alone, the daily volume of cryptocurrency exchanges is between 30 and 50 billion US dollars, ”announces the spokesperson.


This growth, coupled with the increasing popularity and use of Telegram, can lead to rapid business success for LUB.