FatManTerra allegations Prompt Binance CEO to open investigation

By: Dickson Arinze

FatManTerra allegations Prompt Binance CEO to open investigation

June 6, 2022 2:29 PM

FatMan a dedicated Twitter account from the Terra Research Forum which provides updates & analysis on the Terra situation as it unfolds has revealed some hidden facts about Do Kwon and Terra.


The FatManTerra's has been shining a light on some dark areas of the Terra ecosystem, which has prompted Binance to open an investigation into some of the allegations.


Taylor Locke, a Fortune magazine reporter, has confirmed via a Tweet that CZ of Binance has ordered his team to look into allegations brought forward against Terra LUNA by the FatManTerra account on Twitter.


Responding to allegations from FatMan regarding Do Kwon the TerraLUNA founder being complicit in defrauding the community and being behind Basis Cash, Binance CEO Changpeng ‘CZ’ Zhao reportedly said:

CZ the CEO of Binance claims neither he nor his team had any clue that Do Kwon was behind failed stablecoin project Basis Cash, as FatManTerra reported.


The Binance CEO made a point to distance himself from any interaction with Do Kwon, saying:


Do Kwon tried to speak with CZ directly a few times, according to the Binance CEO, who clarified that he didn’t want to open a separate channel where he will have to personally manage him (Do Kwon).


FatManTerra came out with a comment in support of CZ the Binance CEO:


“CZ himself can’t be held culpable for any of this – he’s a busy man. The onus falls on his negligent marketing & listing teams. Sadly, someone will have to foot the bill, but Binance will ultimately be better for it. He seems like a good man.”