Is BTC still in line for $1 million

By: Ikenna Odunze

Is BTC still in line for $1 million

July 27, 2022 9:44 PM

The total crypto market has experienced massive outflow of capital in recent weeks as the bears continues to show strength as they try to get Bitcoin(BTC) under $20,000.


IncomeSharks, a twitter account shared a post to its followers expecting a volatile week for Bitcoin(BTC) the top ranked crypto by market cap. the post stated that the "volatile week playing out as expected. " 


However, being positive with its forecast, IncomeShark looks forward to $30,000 price for BTC "in a few month"


"Now is not the time to get bearish and sell, that was last week," it added.


Stock-to-flow Bitcoin price model creator PlanB, continually maintains optimism that BTC has a chance to trade up to the height of $1 million at 2027.


He also predicted that the U.S equities would reach heights never seen before.


In the light of these optimistic statements, we can say many investors out there are looking expectantly for a positive turnaround of Bitcoin's price. For the coming months and years also. Bitcoin has always had fluctuations and frightening pull backs, but still has found ways in previous years to keep doing better