Lionel Messi will receive part of his (big) salary in cryptocurrency

By: Bharggavi Ssayee

Lionel Messi will receive part of his (big) salary in cryptocurrency

August 23, 2021 6:51 AM

Lionel Messi received token fans from Paris Saint-Germain ($ PSG). The course of $ PSG makes a HOLA to welcome the Argentinian player.


Red carpet and Fans tokens

Lionel Messi was not only greeted warmly by thousands of Paris Saint-Germain fans. He also received a rather special "welcome package", including token fans of the club, the $ PSG. The official press release of August 12, 2021, which broke the news, did not reveal any details as to the amount of tokens offered to the Argentinian player. The club prefers rather to put forward justifications oriented towards the "satisfaction of the fans" to explain this gesture:


“The inclusion of the $ PSG Fan Tokens in the player's welcome package instantly links him to millions of Paris Saint-Germain fans around the world. "


These cryptocurrencies are in addition to the estimated annual salary of 41 million euros net of the 6 times Ballon d'Or. The latter also receives a signing bonus of $ 30 million.


Paris Saint-Germain plunged into blockchain in 2018, through a partnership with the platform. The $ PSG aims to offer new experiences to fans in order to consolidate the bond that unites them to their club. Token holders can indeed take part in decisions about club life, such as the message to be written on the captain's armband or on the walls of the locker rooms to encourage the players.


A fanfare of arrival in the cryptosphere

The Chiliz company behind, reported on August 12, 2021, that $ PSG's trading volume had exploded to over $ 1.2 billion in the days leading up to Messi's transfer. The Director of Partnerships of Paris Saint-Germain, for his part, underlined the financial contributions of $ PSG to the club:


“The full adoption of and the $ PSG Fan Tokens has proven to be a huge success for the Club. We were able to engage with a new global audience, creating a significant source of digital revenue. "


Lionel Messi’s arrival sparks buzz around the $ PSG fan token, but will this always be the case, knowing that GOAT has signed a 2-year contract, with the possibility of renewal for an additional year? The football star has proven his talent on the pitch time and time again. Its performance could not only be an important lever for the $ PSG in the long term, but also for its collection of NFTs.