Market see's green as BTC goes bullish breaking $21,000 mark

By: Mark Jessy

December 16, 2020 8:56 PM

Market see's green as BTC goes bullish  breaking $20,000 mark, 


Having recently broke it's previously all time high of over $19,500 the  most traded crypto-currencies Bitcoin (BTC)  has surpassed the $20,000 mark for the first time in it's history.


Btc statistics
Source: coinmarketcap


With today's surge showing Bitcoin strengths and Dominance in cryptocurrency market and big institutional funds coming in we can say it's showing a trend never seen before by bitcoin, could this lead to recent wild predictions that bitcoin (BTC) would break the new higher high and cross the $21,000 mark, this is creating a new pattern to prove 2021 promises fascinating times for BTC.

Increased daily trading volumes with more positive perception around it's spike in price this time, ranging from increased institution investors and many viewing it as an alternative to gold, Bitcoin may be living it long forecasted potential as a digital store of value having outperformed gold once again this year.