Missing crypto millionaire reportedly found decapitated in a suitcase

By: Mark Jessy

Missing crypto millionaire reportedly found decapitated in a suitcase

July 28, 2023 8:25 AM

Fernando Pérez Algaba, who owned a cryptocurrency trading business in Argentina, is suspected of being assassinated by a professional group.

A missing Bitcoin millionaire and Instagram celebrity from Argentina has been found dead, with authorities suspecting murder after his body was discovered in a bag.

Several local media outlets reported→ that crypto trader and celebrity Fernando Pérez Algaba went missing on July 18 after failing to return the keys to a leased residence and failing to answer his phone.

On July 23, little than a week after his disappearance, his remains were discovered by a bunch of children in Ingeniero Budge, an area of the capital city of Argentina.


One of Algaba's final Instagram posts. Source: Instagram

Authorities uncovered a body on July 24 after dredging the waterway where the suitcase was discovered, which featured dismembered legs and forearms. On July 25, authorities discovered a head inside a backpack.

Fingerprint and tattoo analysis identified the body as that of the missing millionaire, and an examination revealed that he was shot three times before being dismembered.


The suitcase discovered allegedly included body parts. Source: Clarín.

According to reports, investigators believe Algaba's murder was the work of a professional organization and that the reason was possibly debt-related. In connection with the case, one suspected suspect has already been apprehended.

Algaba is claimed to have been a cryptocurrency trader in Buenos Aires, where he ran an office with 25 other traders.

He also had a sizable Instagram following, with over 917,000 followers at the time. The majority of the content is about fancy automobiles and his beloved dog.

According to reports, Algaba owed 900,000 Argentine pesos ($3,300) in rejected checks, 1.2 million Argentine pesos ($4,400) to banks, and another $70,000 in bounced check debt.

A series of unexpected and abrupt deaths of crypto billionaires in late 2022 sparked wild ideas in the community.

Co-founder of MakerDAO Nikolai Mushegian, crypto broker Javier Biosca, co-founder of Amber Group Tiantian Kullander, Russian crypto tycoon Vyacheslav Taran, and a significant stakeholder in Bithumb Park Mo all passed away suddenly between October and December 2022.

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