New batches of bitcoins offered for auction by a government

By: Bharggavi Ssayee

New batches of bitcoins offered for auction by a government

March 30, 2021 5:58 PM


The auctions are open - After the spectacular auctions of last March 17 in France - on the occasion of which the price of a bitcoin (BTC) reached 278,500 euros for a moment - events of the same kind involving bitcoins already seem to be on the horizon. They will be done via an official body in the United States: the GSA.


How much are these bitcoins going to leave?


It was in a press release that the General Service Administration (GSA) announced an auction of 6.79 bitcoins - the equivalent of approximately $ 365,000 at the time of this writing.


And this administrative service of the US government is also putting in the forms to attract bidders, even if it means falling into arguments bordering on FOMO:

“Just in time for spring, it's time to make your bitcoin investment portfolio flourish, by placing a winning bid in GSA Auctions' next cryptocurrency auction. "


Selling cryptos thus seems to have become something completely uninhibited and natural, even for government services.


“Our first steps in the cryptocurrency market quickly became one of our top auctions of 2021 (…) we expect this auction to generate even more excitement among cryptocurrency investors. "


GSA Announcement


The bitcoins will be divided into 10 separate lots, and the auction will take place this Monday, March 29, accessible via the agency's website. The proceeds of these sales will go to the US Treasury.


With a very attractive starting price of $ 28,553 for a bitcoin, the first auctions are likely to be frantic. Maybe even to the point where bidders forget the market price afterwards, as was the case in France?


While waiting for the auction of these BTCs and the results of these auctions, we already appreciate the fact that Bitcoin and cryptos have become goods for sale, just like any other. Gone are the days of "Bitcoin is the money of trafficking and the black market"!