OVR and NFT interoperability: when virtual realities meet

By: Bharggavi Ssayee

OVR and NFT interoperability: when virtual realities meet

September 4, 2021 2:11 AM

OVR is a pioneer in augmented reality. Author of a virtual world modeled on reality, it has become possible to acquire the land plot (s) of your dreams thanks to 1.6 trillion hexagonal NFTs representing the planet earth.


While the concept appeals to many collectors who are snapping up these islands of virtual land at a gold price, OVR has just taken a major step forward in its expansion. The company aims to become the essential host of NFTs.


The metaverses, the new standard

To understand the power of the OVR concept, it is important to review a few fundamentals. The metaverses combine the digital world and the physical world. Even if it remains impossible to know how far this connection can lead, it is the junction of two universes that are being created before our eyes.


These metaverses can therefore be considered as a parallel dimension, transcending the borders between the real and the digital. Anyone who enters this augmented universe will find new sources of entertainment, exchange and possibly even income-generating activities there. In this world, digital assets carry tangible value and are seen as stores of value.


Blockchain technology, obvious

Defining themselves as a combination of the physical and virtual worlds, metaverses need many fundamental technologies to create a complete user experience. The creation and management of identities, the creation of a reliable economic system, the transfer of data are concrete examples.


OVR has long relied on the expansion of this virtual layer covering reality, betting on the fact that eventually, blockchain technology will be the canvas on which the best of both worlds will intertwine and merge. Having already mapped our earth, offering to buy pieces of this second planet, an additional step had to be taken to move towards a real globalized approach.


NFT and interoperability

NFTs are the cornerstone of these virtual realities deployed on the blockchain. By their attributes, they have enabled beneficial ownership and transferability of digital content that has hitherto been infinitely reproducible. But a major problem remains to be resolved: decompartmentalize the many autonomous worlds and allow their interoperability in a global body.


It is now done through the OVR Builder; if you have an NFT in your cryptographic wallet from a game or an auction, you can deploy it on the OVRLand dimension. Imagine creating an art gallery for your NFTs, presenting your Crypto Punks on a specific geographic location, dressing your avatar with NFTs of ASICS shoes or Dolce & Gabbana outfits, creating geolocated treasure hunting games with your Axis… Imagination is the only limit.


Thanks to this interoperability, the potential of the OVR project is exploding. Gone are the boundaries between the various “blockchain” worlds, no more limits for the presentation and use of NFTs, a parallel universe of opportunities and development is unfolding right now before our eyes. OVR had the ambition to become the decentralized platform of the Space Web and the “home” of NFTs, it seems that it is on the way to materialize the birth of a fourth dimension.