On-chain encrypted messaging debuts on TON blockchain

By: Micheal Wilson

On-chain encrypted messaging debuts on TON blockchain

July 4, 2023 8:30 AM

Prior to this, the network permitted users to post on-chain messages, but only in a completely open, unencrypted manner.

According to a July 3 statement from the network's developer, the TON Foundation, the Open Network (TON) has developed an on-chain encrypted chat functionality. The new functionality allows TON users to send private messages to one another. 


The TON network is a blockchain that was originally developed by the same developers who brought you the Telegram messaging software. In July of 2020, before the mainnet was even released, Telegram decided to discontinue the project. However, before departing, it open-sourced TON's code, allowing others to continue expanding on the work it had done.

The present network, known as "TON," was created by the TON Foundation. According to the foundation, the network offers more scalability and transaction throughput than existing solutions in the Web3 ecosystem while staying decentralized.

Users have always been able to send messages within transactions with TON. Previously, though, these messages were entirely public. The new functionality allows users to encrypt messages from beginning to end, making them only viewable by the intended recipient.

Anatoly Makosov, a TON core developer, stated that the feature was intended to enable the "personalization" of transactions:

"It has always been possible to add a personalized message to TON transactions involving Toncoin, Jettons, and NFTs, such as "for coffee" or "happy birthday," for example. This well-liked feature [...] is now available with complete encryption."

Makosov went on to say that it would also be handy if a "apocalypse" occurred, causing traditional messaging servers to collapse. In this situation, TON can be used to communicate secretly in a "reliable" and "secure" manner.

Several retail wallet programs, such as MyTonWallet, OpenMask, and TON Wallet, now support encrypted communications. The feature will also be added to the mobile wallet Tonkeeper "in upcoming updates," according to the announcement.

An incentive program of $25 million was established in May by the TON Foundation to entice app creators to build on the network. In November, a separate development team produced a trading bot for Telegram to introduce new users to TON.