Sega to Launch its First Blockchain Game

By: Michael Wilson

Sega to Launch its First Blockchain Game

October 3, 2022 9:20 AM

One of Japan's biggest game developers, Sega, has announced that it will release its first blockchain game in partnership with another Japanese studio, Double Jump Tokyo. The blockchain features of the game, which is based on Sega's Sangokushi Taisen series, will be powered by Oasys, a Japanese scaling-focused project.


Sega, a major player in the Japanese gaming industry, has declared that it will create the industry's first game to use blockchain technology. Double Jump Tokyo, another developer, will construct the project based on the Sangokushi Taisen franchise, a well-liked Japanese arcade game.


The Sangokushi Taisen series is a collection of digital card battle strategy games. Some of the game's assets could be tokenized and the cards could be traded thanks to the game's design, which would be a perfect fit for blockchain features. None of the companies, however, have detailed how blockchain features will be integrated into the gameplay.


Sega has not announced the creation of any similar project, and there is currently no estimated release date for the game.


Sega's position on blockchain games that use non-fungible tokens (NFTs) has been murky. The company warned in January that if gamers see these features as a cash grab, it may stop including them in its products. Yet, in April, Sega suggested that NFTs and metaverse features could be incorporated into the company's "Super Game" development strategy.


Ubisoft and other triple-A game publishers have been more forthright by creating their own NFT markets and incorporating NFT features into their flagship franchises' games. Blockchain technology is an integral part of the long-term strategy for success at Square Enix.