Why Bitcoin users could exceed 1B in 2021: Mainstream Adoption Looms

By: Henry Felix

December 22, 2020 10:36 PM

Bitcoin the largest Cryptocurrency by Market Cap According to CMC is currently trading at $23,389 at the time of reporting.


Bitcoin has caught the eyes of Major Financial institutions with the likes of PayPal recently Adopting the Largest Cryptocurrency, A move that will allow over 360mln users have  access to Bitcoin.


From recent reports by Coinnewsafrica, Large institutional investors have decided to purchase Bitcoin, for the Top cryptocurrency performing at the state in which it has, reaching an all time high of $24,000.


With increasing lack of trust in Fiat currencies due to high inflation rate, people are starting to adopt bitcoin as a safe alternative for store of value.


Bitcoin is proving to be uniting the world, recently Elon Musk Founder/CEO Tesla stated in a tweet "Bitcoin is my Safe word", the whole Cryptocurrency industry hopes he converts all of Tesla's balance sheet after getting advice from Microstrategy Founder Michael Saylor.